Why I’m Proud to Still Call SA Home

Image Credit: Adriano Rotolo


In PR terms it’s been a bonanza month for our State and the city of Adelaide.

We’ve received global praise as one of Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Cities in the world and a hip New York magazine is telling its readers to sideline Sydney for Adelaide.

It made me feel proud and also a little knowing… you see, we South Australians have known for years that we live in a pretty cool town, so cool in fact that we’re largely immune to the lure of interstate and overseas moves and actually choose – that’s right, make a conscious decision – to stay here.

Over the years I have made a deliberate choice to make the Adelaide Hills my permanent home and to get married, raise a family and run a business here.

Yes, there will always be the odd fleeting temptation to leave as no place has the mortgage on perfection, but the truth is, I love it too much here and know that we have it so good that nowhere else would compare.

As you can see, I’m a major fan of our state and I use my PR skills to sing our sensations loud and proud.

What I am tired of is hearing people talk down to our amazing State. It’s kinda like they are bagging my relative or something… it just doesn’t sit right. It irks when ‘outsiders’ jump on the ‘Trashing SA’ bandwagon and trot out the jaded stream of hoary old chestnuts but it absolutely infuriates me when those living here climb aboard.

Each to their own, I say. But if you aren’t proud of your state and don’t have anything nice to say about it, it’s probably not for you and a signal that perhaps it’s time to move on and find the dream somewhere else.

For the rest of us, we need to remain positive, talk the talk and then get out and walk it. We need to celebrate and communicate what’s so special – from the amazing Adelaide Hills and the myriad food and wine experiences to die for, to our beautiful beaches, world-class festivals, interesting architecture and even more interesting characters.

I’m merely scratching the surface here but the point is this: we owe it to ourselves – as much as to this great place and its great people – to spread the good word, to help South Australia and Adelaide grow, prosper and take its rightful place as an exceptional global tourism destination.