Strategic Communication Planning
At O’Rourke PR, strategic communications planning is the cornerstone of all successful public relations initiatives. It’s our roadmap that guides us through the program, from determining the goal and identifying the audiences to developing the messages, employing the correct communication channels and evaluating the outcomes.

Media Management and Publicity
We’re committed to ensuring that our clients get the publicity they deserve and draw on our well-established professional relationships with journalists to make this happen. These relationships ensure that we target the right journalists and media organisations, understand what they need to develop a story and make sure we bridge the gap between clients and the media to get results.

Issues and Crisis Management
Our Issues and Crisis Management service aims to ensure that our clients are prepared – and then open, honest and understanding in their communication to internal and external audiences during and immediately following a related issue or crisis. It’s all about protecting your reputation.

Stakeholder and Community Relations
As with our media management – indeed, the media are a key stakeholder – our Stakeholder and Community Relations activity ensures that we know, understand and work with those with a stake in our clients’ wellbeing, to the mutual benefit of all parties.

Sponsorship and Event Management
O’Rourke PR has extensive experience in identifying and securing strategic sponsorship opportunities that achieve the desired recognition. We are similarly well-versed in planning and managing a raft of events, from major announcements to conferences, seminars and fund-raising initiatives.

Speechwriting and Speaking Opportunities
With our fingers very much on the pulse of local and national developments that impact our clients, we have the ability to secure tactical speaking opportunities that take our clients’ messages to key audiences. We then work with you to conduct the necessary research and write captivating speeches befitting the occasion. Fee negotiation is all part of the service.

Professional Writing and Editing
As O’Rourke PR’s Rebecca O’Rourke has worked as a journalist, she understands what makes news…and knows how best to package it to gain the most effective and valuable coverage. These skills extend to preparing copy that’s captivating, clear and concise, rises above the clutter and strikes a chord with its intended audiences.

Social/Digital Media Solutions
For some, the mere mention of digital communications and social media brings about cold sweats. For others, like O’Rourke PR, a warm glow is the more likely reaction. We’re excited by its power and promise, we understand its vital place in the communications mix and we’re most adept at making it work for you.

Internal and Communications Management
Understanding that people make businesses what they are, we place great store on the importance of internal communications and have, over the years, devised numerous successful internal communication programs that have kept employees informed, motivated and empowered.

Awards and Publications
Our background in journalism positions us to work with our clients to research, develop, write, project manage and produce a wide array of communication materials – from company newsletters, annual reports and product brochures to awards submissions, corporate videos and blogs…and just about everything in between.

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